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What is Steering?


This is a team of youth ages 14-18 who run the Junior Branch meetings for CISV Victoria. They are interested in taking an active role in leadership and creating fun for others, and they are passionate about CISV, sustainability, human rights, diversity, and conflict resolution.

What do they do?

They meet in September for a steering retreat (games, get to know you, bonding, planning for the year of meetings, learning about leadership and group collaboration)

They meet twice a month for planning meetings and spending time planning and having fun together too.

They lead energizers, games, activities, debriefs at meetings; welcome new members and connect with existing members. 


How can I join steering?

In May/June there will be an announcement (be sure to be on the CISV newsletter email group) and there will be an application form that you can fill out and send back to our junior branch email. We would love to have you as part of our team!

About Steering

Leanna Madill - JB Liaison

She travelled to a CISV village in India when she was 11 and returned to CISV to be a village leader. Her three daughters have also participated in and enjoyed CISV over the last 8 years! Leanna loves how inclusive and supportive of friendships CISV is. She believes that healthy connection is the main solution to our global issues, and CISV evokes and establishes hope and action!!

Leanna also loves to spend time with her family, make art, travel, and she loves her job of counselling teens and their families.

Luka Hurschler - SR. LJR
Luka is a grade 11 student who loves playing soccer, hanging out with his siblings, and is always so excited to come to CISV!
Luka gets inspired by the goals of CISV and what we stand for. It has made him change his view on the world and the conversations he has. 
When Luka was 11 years old he travelled to Honduras for a CISV village and he made connections all over the world, he's still friends with some of those people! As much as he loves travelling he also loves the local aspect and he enjoys running the activities for all the youth!



Samantha Madill - Steering Member
Samantha is in Grade 9 and she loves musical theatre, choreographing for shows, hanging out with her family and obviously being at CISV! Over the years Samantha has been apart of CISV for 5 years. She has grown her public speaking skills and cooperation skills.  
Samantha's sister were in CISV for 3 years before she joined, she could hardly wait to join in on all the fun activities she saw her sisters participating in. Samantha loves running games and activities for the youth who come to CISV!

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